Survival Quote

"Play smart, not strong. We're not the usual PVE/PVP server. Take your time."

- Jake "Morpening" Quintanar


"When i first joined Pixl’d i came in a bit apprehensive, the advertisement for it i’d seen had boasted “harder survival” and “thrill/fear of being killed”, but after playing on the server for around 2 weeks now i can say this server more than lives up to my expectations. Getting started on the server can be rough as there are quite a few mechanics that have been changed. However, Pixl’d provided a google doc that not only provided information and tips, but also included a change log for every update. While on the topic of updates, one thing I found quite enjoyable was that the server is still growing and developing, all sorts of new features are being added and balanced constantly so even after playing for weeks the game still feels fresh and exciting. While the difficulty might be a turnoff for some i found it recaptured the feeling of fear one has when it turns night while playing Minecraft for the first time. The overall difficulty of the server is quite high, almost like a Dark Souls experience, but the gameplay tweaks provide the player with opportunities to think outside the box to deal with challenges in new and creative ways. Overall, playing on the Pixl’d server has been a truly enjoyable experience, and i look forward to seeing it grow."



"Pixl'D is probably the hardest minecraft server I've ever played on. It's ruthless from the beginning, first tasking you with finding shelter and then with finding a sustainable food source. The hunger system is brutal and one misstep in fighting mobs can lead to death. It is definitely not for those who give up easily. You must "smart, not strong", as the owner says, to succeed. With this in mind, I would still rate the server a 9/10, as it is still a little buggy and in beta. It doesn't fear challenging to the player to their limits, and even beyond that. The innate difficulty of the gamemode makes it an experience to be had."



"One day I stumbled across Pixl’D Survival Minecraft Server, when I was looking for some fresh and new Minecraft game modes. MOTD – “A more challenging version of survival.” put some fear in my bones, but after a few minutes the fear has flown and I realized that this is not just a normal server. It is an art of a New Minecraft Era!

The server has many features that you may not have seen them before on any other server. It makes it even more enjoyable when you know that it is under constant development by the best Minecraft Java plugin developers. New updates are absolutely stunning, with responsive design and a care for the better Minecraft experience for players.

To top it all off, there is a team of friendly, helpful support staff to answer any questions you may have.
Unique service, Unique Minecraft! Pixl’D Survival for your best Minecraft experience ever is worth its weight in gold!"



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