Pixl’D Documentation

Mining & Lighting System

Mining stone now has a chance to drop coal ore, iron ore, gold ore, diamonds and emeralds. The rate of the ores and mineral drops
change the lower you get underground — with that said, take also into consideration that torches burn out, and as you get deeper
underground the oxygen gets more scarce, to the point where furnaces, torches and fire would no longer ignite, take precaution when
mining underground. The mining system start to drop the ores if you mine below y:60.

Mining Drops:

  1. Coal Ore Coal OreDrop chance increases by a certain percentage the closer you get to bedrock, stops dropping at a certain depth.
  2. Iron Ore Iron Ore: Drop chance increases by a certain percentage the closer you get to bedrock, stops dropping at a certain depth.
  3. Bone Bone: Only drops near the surface.
  4. Stick Stick: Only drops near the surface.
  5. Gold Ore Gold Ore: Does not drop until a certain depth. Drop chance increases by a certain percentage the closer you get to bedrock.
  6. Diamond Diamond: Drops at the lowest depths.
  7. Emerald Emerald: Drops at the lowest, at bedrock level.

Mining Side-effects:

  1. Blindness: You start to lose your vision because of Oxygen deficiency at a certain level of depth.
  2. Muscle Failure: You start to feel weakness because of oxygen deprivation at a certain level of depth.
  3. Organ Failure: You start to lose your bodily functions because of oxygen deprivation at a certain level of depth.
  4. Death: You will die from oxygen deprivation.

These side effects can be negated by wearing an Oxygen Tank and Oxygen Mask.

Lighting restrictions:

  • Torches cannot be placed below a certain level.
  • Torches will burn out after a set amount of time.
  • Furnaces will not ignite below a certain level.
  • Fire Ignition will not work below a certain level.
  • Lava will only stay liquid for 15 minutes if above a certain level. The closer you are to the server the less innate heat there is,
    meaning there wont be any sufficient heat sources to keep the lava on liquid state.
  • You cannot mine on dark light levels.

Mining-related Items:

Oxygen Mask:

Oxygen Tank:

Hallowed Pick:



The monsters in Pixl’D Survival have altered stats, passives, movement and spawn-rate. You will need to read this section of the
documentation thoroughly to ensure your survival. Otherwise you will be as good as dead.

Zombie.pngZombie Changes:

  • Zombies now have the ability to rarely spawn more zombies out of your field of view (FOV) when they get attacked or damaged. Make
    sure to kill them quickly
  • Zombies now have a 20% chance of applying slow I to anything they attack, allowing their fellow monsters to catch up
  • Zombies cannot detect players through walls unless the players generate noise by breaking blocks or sprinting
  • Zombies spawn with an Iron Helmet, these allow them to stay alive even during daytime
  • Husks are exactly like zombies, but with 2x more damage, speed and aggression range
  • Zombies have a 2% chance to spawn as a Knight Zombie. They have triple the stats of normal zombies, and can spawn more zombies
    when damaged or attacked
  • Zombies have a 15% chance to spawn as a Villager Zombie. Allowing players to have the option of curing them for Villagers
  • Zombies have a 20% chance to heal when hit
  • Zombies sometimes release parasite (silverfish) on death

[table id=1 /]

Skeleton.pngSkeleton Changes:

  • Skeletons have a 20% chance of spawning silverfishes when they die
  • Skeleton Archers have 2x more range and damage
  • Skeletons Archers shoot homing arrows that will follow you
  • Skeletons have a 30% chance to spawn as Strays, strays have 2x the stats of a normal skeleton
  • Skeletons have a 60% chance to spawn as a dual wielding skeleton.
  • Dual Wielding Skeletons release living bones on death
  • Dual Wielding Skeletons shoot dodgeable magical projectiles at players

[table id=2/]

Creeper.pngCreeper Changes:

  • Creepers have a 20% chance to spawn as a charged creeper
  • Creepers release a death cloud when they die, that hurt both players and mobs at the same time
  • Periodically becomes invisible and gains movement speed
  • Has a low chance of releasing creeper souls when damaged, if the soul-owner dies the souls explode after a short duration

Spider.pngSpider Changes:

  • Spiders now trap you in their webs every time they attack you
  • Spiders now poison you when they’re attacking you
  • Spiders can move and attack faster inside webs
  • Spiders have a 20% chance to spawn with cave-spiders
  • Fires dodgeable poisonous projectiles at players
  • When a Spider is pregnant, it can sometimes release spiderlings, which dies after a few seconds

[table id=3 /]

Witch.pngWitch Changes:

  • Witches have 30.0 base armor
  • Witches have a 25% chance to inflict you with a random potion effect when attacked
  • Witches can spawn Zombies, Spiders or Skeletons on attacker
  • Witches can set you on fire for 10 seconds
  • Witches now drop a poison cloud on death
  • Fires dodgeable magical projectiles at players
  • When damaged Witches have a chance of releasing a Magic Nova.

[table id=4 /]

File:Enderman normal.pngEnderman Changes:

  • Periodically teleports to it’s target, then creates 3 illusions of itself which die within a few seconds, illusions have 50% damage and only 1 health.


Damage Values & Armor

Armor and damage calculation work a little bit differently than vanilla Minecraft. Here we show you that every piece of armor is useful, in its
own way. Some would even prefer leather over diamond and iron, and some chain-mail over everything, and etc..

Armor Values

There are 5 different tiers of Armor, which are Leather, Gold, Chain-mail, Iron and Diamond. The effectiveness of each armor piece can be
illustrated below. 1 full armor point represents an 8% reduction from damage and a half armor point represents 4% reduction from damage.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.35.55 pm.png

Leather Armor: Total armor points: 3 ½
Total damage reduction: 28%
Copper Armor: Total armor points: 5 ½
Total damage reduction: 44%
Chain-mail Armor: Total armor points: 6
Total damage reduction: 48%
Iron Armor: Total armor points: 7 ½
Total damage reduction: 60%
Diamond Armor: Total armor points: 10
Total damage reduction: 80%

Armor effects:

Leather Armor:

  • Increased movement speed
  • Increased jump height
  • Passive Skills:
    • Fitted Armor: 40% chance to dodge physical attacks.
    • Eagle Eye: 30% chance to critical hit with a bow, with 3x critical damage.

Chain-mail Armor:

  • 1.25x damage using swords
  • Increased attack cooldown time
  • Increased armor stat by 10, from 48% damage reduction, to 58% damage reduction.
  • Passive Skills:
    • Fight or Flight: Upon getting hit by a physical attack, you gain 3 seconds of 200% movementspeed. [su_label type=”black”]8 seconds cooldown[/su_label]
    • Echo Sabre: Deals 2.5 more damage 0.5 seconds after the initial hit. [su_label type=”black”]4 seconds cooldown[/su_label]

Iron Armor:

  • -80% out going damage
  • -50% movement speed
  • Passive Skills:
    • Intidimate: Applies -50% outgoing damage to any creature or player that hits you.
    • Press the Attack: Gain +200% regeneration for 4 seconds when you get attacked. [su_label type=”black”]15 seconds cooldown[/su_label]
    • Moment of Courage: 50% chance to return 2.0x the amount of physical damage received, and heal yourself for half the original damage’s amount.


Hunger System

The hunger system in Pixl’D Survival is a lot more unforgiving and harsh compared to vanilla Minecraft.

Food bar depletion rates

Sprinting: Sprinting drains 3.0x more than vanilla Minecraft

Combat: Fighting enemies drains 4.0x more than vanilla Minecraft,

Sneaking: Drains food bar now, too. About Hunger.svgHalf Hunger.svg every 15 seconds of sneaking.

Regeneration: Regenerating health now takes Hunger.svgHunger.svgHalf Hunger.svg food bar for each wave of regeneration.

Idling: Being idle now takes food hunger faster than not doing something, because of the metabolism rate going down, and the player developing
an appetite from being bored.

Starvation Levels

Hungry: When you start to get hungry, your energy level depletes. You move slower, you break blocks slower, you deal less damage, as well as
take periodic damage.

Starving: When you start starving, all the hunger effects are multiplied, and you take even more damage. This is most likely when you die.


Death Chests

When you die, a chest spawns around your death location, containing all your items for 15 minutes. Failing to retrieve the items within 15
minutes will cause the items to be deleted.


Item & Inventory System

The item pick-up and inventory system have been changed to fit the play style enforced by the server.

Item Pick-up System

In order to pick up items, you are now required to sneak. Essentially grabbing the item from the floor.

Limited Inventory

Player now only have half of their original inventory size, the inventory size can be increased by adding the Carrying [I, II, III]
enchantment to your Breastplate or Leggings.


Sonar Hearing

This sonar hearing ability is inspired by The Last of Us‘ hearing mechanism.


In order to activate sonar hearing mode, you need to sneak for 4 seconds without moving, and it will show you monsters and animals
behind the wall you’re positioned against.



The farming system has been tweaked to make it less profitable and a lot more random.

Wither System

Crops have a 15% chance to wither every time they grow/mature. There is no way to prevent crops from withering. It’s all based upon luck.

Limited Water

You can no longer use water buckets to obtain water, forcing players to build their farms around bodies of water, on the map. The only way to get
water would be with silk touch and harvesting a block of ice and breaking it.


Gates & Portals

Pixl’d allows you to create portals and gates without running a single command. The plugin does not impose design restrictions.
Design the gate frame any way you like

CreativeGates IronCreativeGates ObsidianCreativeGates Sandstone


Ancient ruins can be found around our world. Not much is known about this fallen civilization but we assume they had great knowledge of
magic or science. We believe this since we have found teleportation gates among the ruins. Amazingly enough some of these gates still remain
active. The knowledge to create such gates were lost with the fall of the old civilization but has recently been rediscovered.

Building the frame

The first step when creating a gate is to build the frame. There must be two emerald blocks somewhere in the frame. The exact reason
for this is unknown but one theory is that they work as some kind of power source. Other than that you can design the frame anyway you like
with whatever materials you like.

Keep in mind though that if the frame breaks so does the gate. For this reason using obsidian could be a good choice for safety but other
materials may look more colorful and alive. Design it any way you like.

The maximum gate is size is 200 portal blocks.

Connected in a circular mannerGate Networks

Gates are connected to the other gates in the same network. The network name is chosen when creating the gate. The size, design or what materials you have in the frame does not matter. If you have 5 gates in the network “derpingschtein” those gates will link to each other like a snake biting it’s tail.


Clock / WatchCreating the Gate

A clock is used for the initial creation of the gate. Name the clock with an anvil and click the inside of the gate frame with the clock.
A gate will be created using the clock name as the network name.Mind where you stand when you create the gate. That location will be
used as the exit location for this gate.


Blaze PowderInspecting the Gate

Blaze powder can be used on the gate to inspect it. When doing so you will see the network name and the amount of gates in
the network
.Usage of this tool can be restricted to the gate creator by using magma cream as explained below.


BlazerodEnabling and Disabling Enter and Exit

A blaze rod can be used on the gate to toggle whether enter and exit is enabled or disabled. If enter is disabled nothing will happen
when you walk into it. If exit is disabled the gate won’t be used as an exit by other gates.Usage of this tool can be restricted to the gate creator
by using magma cream as explained below.


Magma CreamRestricting the Gate

 Magma cream can be used on the gate to toggle whether the gate is restricted. Only the creator of the gate can do this. If the gate is
restricted only the creator can use tools on the gate. This will for example make the network name secret.



The progression process in Pixl’D Survival is very different from what you would expect in minecraft.

Progression Steps:

  • Get Stick from Oak Leaves
  • Get Flint from Stone Button and Gravel
  • Right-click Flint to open the GUI to allow you to make starting tools
  • Use flint tools to get Oak Wood/Oak Wood Plank from trees.
  • Craft a Crafting Table using this crafting recipe:
    Oak Wood PlankOak Wood Plank
  • Use the Crafting Table by right-clicking with a .
  • You can craft a Crafting Station by place a Leather above a Cobblestone while sneaking.
  • Dry up Clay by placing it on direct sunlight/night light away from other blocks.
  • Mine the Hardened Clay using a .
  • Use Hardened Clay , Block of Coal , Cobblestone and  Oak Fenceto make a furnace, like so:
  • Right-click the Block of Coal inside the Furnace to use it.
  • Once you’ve gotten a Furnace and a Crafting Station you are able to start making your Forge
  • Forge is built like so:

If you are reading this from the tutorial area of the server, find the button in the library and click it. Hint: It’s facing down, so look up.